Hassle-free and flexible solutions

Payrolling is the perfect solution for companies that have a placement for known resources but do not have the budget or headcount to hire these assets directly. Goldsbot allows the client to customize a complete benefit plan, (Including major medical, dental, PTO and 401K plans) needed to attract and retain today’s in demand workforce

Goldsbot Staffing allows the client and consultant to choose the payrolling service and benefit requirements needed to attract and retain today’s highly skilled workforce.

1099 Risk Compliance

Independent contractors (1099’s) oftentimes play a vital role in a company’s operations, but also carry unintended risks and consequences. At JB Software and consulting we can efficiently minimize these risks while allowing you to engage the services of 1099’s through our 1099 Compliance services.

With our comprehensive questionnaire process and our in-house experts taking the guesswork out of this complex process, we simplify compliance to adhere to current labor laws.